The hearing on 02.05.2019

On Thursday 2nd May the hearing took place at the Royal Courts of Justice.

We attended despite being told by two people that we must not go. Quite who Dr Adrian Harrop thinks he is beyond us. He quite clearly thinks his ‘celebrity’ status gives him authority. You’re a nothing, Harrop. A nobody. You have a very long way to go before you reach Dr Christian or Dr Ranj status. You come across as a wanker who wants to try and increase your profile and status.

The claimant didn’t want us to go either; Hayden comes across as very hostile and totally up their own arse.

Mr Justice Bryan granted Hayden an injunction against Farrow to stop her mentioning Hayden or misgendering. Hayden didn’t escape criticism and had to give an undertaking not to talk about Farrow or contact her on social media either. was mentioned a number of times during the hearing. It was suggested that Hayden was connected to that blog because details of the order were published by that blog.

Hayden never had anything to do with the blog and openly condemned it.

Someone leaked the order to us who shouldn’t have done.

Fuck you Farrow.
Fuck you Hayden.
Fuck you Harrop.

See you at the trial.

We’ve got our own surprise in store for Farrow coming up shortly.

You achieved its aim. It contributed heavily to Farrow’s downfall; despite being condemned by Hayden and Harrop.

Plans changed

On Wednesday 1st May we received a ‘phone call. This changed all our plans and meant we definitely would be able to make it on Thursday 2nd May.

We still had to make a few arrangements to enable us to attend but it was all sorted within an hour or so.

We announced to others that we would be going. About two hours later we received an email telling us not to go. We would not be welcome. If we went, someone else couldn’t and they had more right to be there than us. We didn’t react.

Later that evening, we received a direct message on Twitter.

That message was as follows:-

We were gobsmacked. We consulted and discussed the situation with several people, including a solicitor advocate. We remained defiant and didn’t respond to the message.

The message above was from Dr Adrian Harrop who clearly thinks he has some sort of authority over people.

Having discussed the matter our resolve to attend increased.

We had as much right as anyone else to be there.

Plans put in place

On Tuesday 30th April, we started putting plans in place to attend the hearing on Thursday 2nd May.

It was touch and go whether we would be able to attend. We had conflicting priorities but there was a slim chance we’d be able to make it.

We made others aware of our intentions and all seeemed to be well.

Queue meltdown

Slightly careless posting deacon John’s number!

Farrow describing Mr Justice Waksman’s order as “bullshit papers” was mentioned to Mr Justice Bryan.

The break didn’t last long… 25 minutes in fact…

She blanked out deacon John’s number this time!

That’s because you failed to read paragraph 2) which stated how the order was to be served.

The order stated, clearly, the papers had to be served on you personally.

Note: At 1809 the Daily Telegraph were wanting to know that contents of the order.

By 1912 the Daily Telegraph have discovered the contents even though the claimant made no press release and nobody else made a statement or leaked any details.

Later that evening Farrow deleted all these tweets. We assume on the advice of her fake lawyer Adrian Yalland who accompanied her to court.

Having seen Farrow, albeit a reasonable distance away, she needs to see a hairdresser. Her roots are a mess. Hardly ‘Carowiththegoodhair’.

Images courtesy of the Google drives.

Farrow held to account

On Monday 29th April, Mr Justice Waksman sitting in court 37 at the Royal Courts of Justice issued an order.

That order was as follows:-

The claimant then proceeded to carry out paragraph 2) by visiting the defendant’s address.

On arrival at the defendant’s address, the defandant called 999 to report the claimant claiming she was in danger. Unable to serve the order, the claimant left the order for the defendant as instructed in paragraph 2.

Some history behind

A group of people, headed by Caroline Farrow, decided to start advertising our domain name on Twitter and encouraging people to give us unwanted attention. We responded by removing our Web site and donated our server space to a collective of people consisting of previous victims and others disgusted by Caroline Farrow’s behaviour.

The collective decided to register their own domain ( and setup a blog there to continue highlighting Caroline Farrow’s behaviour. It ran from October 18th 2018 to May 3rd 2019. It sent Farrow into meltdown multiple times. We weren’t regular contributors but we wrote a few guest posts.

Here’s an archive copy of the blog:-

A new beginning

It appears that the team behind have taken the site down.

It was entertaining whilst it lasted and caused Farrow to have a meltdown numerous times.

Farrow has been taught a lesson. An expensive lesson.