The hearing on 02.05.2019

On Thursday 2nd May the hearing took place at the Royal Courts of Justice.

We attended despite being told by two people that we must not go. Quite who Dr Adrian Harrop thinks he is beyond us. He quite clearly thinks his ‘celebrity’ status gives him authority. You’re a nothing, Harrop. A nobody. You have a very long way to go before you reach Dr Christian or Dr Ranj status. You come across as a wanker who wants to try and increase your profile and status.

The claimant didn’t want us to go either; Hayden comes across as very hostile and totally up their own arse.

Mr Justice Bryan granted Hayden an injunction against Farrow to stop her mentioning Hayden or misgendering. Hayden didn’t escape criticism and had to give an undertaking not to talk about Farrow or contact her on social media either. was mentioned a number of times during the hearing. It was suggested that Hayden was connected to that blog because details of the order were published by that blog.

Hayden never had anything to do with the blog and openly condemned it.

Someone leaked the order to us who shouldn’t have done.

Fuck you Farrow.
Fuck you Hayden.
Fuck you Harrop.

See you at the trial.

We’ve got our own surprise in store for Farrow coming up shortly.

You achieved its aim. It contributed heavily to Farrow’s downfall; despite being condemned by Hayden and Harrop.