Nobody “pinged” you, Farrow. You chose to visit this site. Nobody forced you to do it. You did so yourself. No email or other notification was sent to you. We are not surprised that you continue to spout utter horse shit on social media.

The previous message was posted on 11.01.2021 at 2103. So, the post has been available for a few weeks.

Probably time for you to get your car keys out and arrange a meeting with Hadley in Hagley.

BTW: We weren’t “Tombstone Teeth”. You just made that up because you couldn’t work out who was behind it. Surrey police even looked into it and subsequently dismissed your false allegations. You really, really, really, really need to move on, Farrow, and stop spewing utter bollocks.

We can guarantee if you tried to make another complaint about our blog, you’d be advised to stop reading it if you don’t like it; that’s how the Internetwebz workz.