Just to clarify

We’re not replacing tombstoneteeth.uk or picking up from their sterling efforts to highlight Farrow’s behaviour.

Farrow has come crashing down and we suspect given the coverage her injunction has been given much of the MSM will avoid her in future.

Farrow has been owned by some rather high profile people recently:-

When you get owned and slated by a bell-end like Piers Morgan you know your media career has come to an end.

We’re curious how Farrow’s new job has worked out given this week’s developments! #RingTheJobCentre

We’re also curious if Robin has updated Richard. #RingTheBishop

Taking a break

It is three days since Farrow last tweeted. It must be some sort of record worthy of a #RingThePope.

We imagine the conversation went something like this:-

Farrow: I feel very upbeat about this outcome.
Amanda Jones: You do realise an injunction has just been granted against you to prohibit you from doing something don’t you? If you try and do something similar to anyone else the claimant will seize on that and put it in front of the court. I strongly advise you to SHUT THE FUCK UP from now on until further notice.
Mr Justice Bryan feels the claimant has a strong chance of winning at a final trial. That being likely it’s possible they’ll be a permenant injunction against you doing that to the claimant or anyone else if they can prove you’ve done it to others.
Farrow: Maybe I’ll just tell everyone I want to feel like a wife, mother and human being again to try and save face.
Amanda Jones: You do that.

Amanda Jones: Here’s my final bill.
Fr Farrow: God bless.

We hope Farrow remains quiet for very a long time. She’s learnt an expensive lesson.